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Sewer Scope Inspection Greeley | Plumbing Professionals in Northern Colorado

Sewer scope inspection near me

We’ve found that many of our customers don’t fully understand what happens in plumbing diagnostics and repair. Granted, some aspects are probably best left unknown.

However, when people know what happens during a sewer line inspection, for example, they might realize, “I need a sewer line inspection!”

So when you’re wondering, “who does sewer scope inspection in Greeley?” give us a call. We’re locally-based and are experts in Northern Colorado plumbing.

Now we can evaluate and see (and record) and locate problematic sewer/drain lines. This might include root intrusion, cracks, punctures, corrosion, or misaligned pipe sections.

The camera we use for sewer scope inspection will also identify grease buildup, leaks and obstructions. We have been busy training with our new equipment and are ready to schedule! If you are a home owner, realtor, commercial property owner, home inspector or perspective home owner we can help you! Give us a call today to schedule

Sewer Scope Inspection Professionals in Northern Colorado

What is sewer pipe inspection?

When a northern Colorado resident calls with sewer problems, we know we need to do a visual inspection of the sewer pipes. Since we can’t see underground, our local plumbers use a durable and high-tech scope to record video footage used to diagnose the source of your sewer problems.

How do you know if you have sewer system problems?

The first thing most of our clients notice is a bad smell. If it smells like sewage, there’s a good chance it’s… sewage. Joking aside, this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Sewer lines, including the main sewer line, perform an essential role in our comfort and safety.

If you notice that your toilet or other drains are not emptying quickly you should call Top Notch. We have the equipment and experience to help you make an informed decision on the right solution.

When To Have a Sewer Camera Inspection in Greeley?

You should definitely call a sewer inspection company (like Top Notch Plumbing) if you notice a bad smell or slow-draining pipes.

Home inspections are another example of an opportunity to get a sewer inspection. It’s not commonly included in a standard home inspection but could save you from unexpected repairs as you get settled into your new home.

Large buildings, especially hotels or apartment complexes, should have regularly scheduled sewer camera inspections to avoid inconvenient unit closures. If you can solve a problem before it gets out of hand, you’ll save yourself and your tenants from a bad experience.

Sewer Camera Inspection vs. Sewer Scope Inspection

They’re the same thing! The device used for sewer inspection is a scope, which has a camera on it. Your friendly neighborhood plumber will take a long cable with a scope on its end and wind it through the plumbing that connects your sewer line to the city line. The scope gives a real-time video feed through the sewer line and also tracks its location in the pipes.

Top Notch Plumbing uses this specialized equipment to determine exactly if and where repairs need to be made.

What do plumbers use for a sewer inspection?

We get to use some pretty high-tech equipment nowadays. While intuition and killer instinct are still prerequisites, the gear used for plumbing has come a long way and allows us to work with increased efficiency, precision, and safety.

Top Notch plumbers like to use Rigid equipment for a sewer camera inspection and locating the source of problems in sewer pipes. The sewer scopes we use have wireless transponders that transmit visual details through a camera and location details. We connect a tablet to the wireless transponder to see what the camera sees.

When we need to find exactly where our transmitter is after we’ve visually identified a problem area in your sewer pipes, we use a tool that resembles a metal detector. It’s not a metal detector, but functions in a similar way to provide us with the immediate location of our scope and, therefore, the problem area.

The tools we use are top-of-the-line and allow us to provide our customers with service that exceeds our competition–in cost-effectiveness and plumbing performance.

What happens after sewer camera inspections?

We get to work on the problem, and we know exactly where to work and how to address it. You might have tree root intrusion, objects, or other substances blocking your sewer pipes. There could also be pipe damage due to pipe corrosion, sinking, or breaking.

On the other hand, we might realize that the problem is not in your sewer line, and get moving to find the source and solve your plumbing complaints.

After your sewer camera inspection reveals the extent of the problem, we can make a plan to move forward.

About Top Notch Plumbing

The three Colorado-licensed master plumbers of Top Notch Plumbing share more than 60 years of experience between them. They’re highly experienced in all elements of the industry. We’re founded in Greeley, CO and are experts in Northern Colorado plumbing. Give us a call for any of your Sewer line scope inspection services in Greeley.