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Greeley Rooter Service and Drain Cleaning

Best Plumbers for Slow and Clogged Drains or Blocked Sewer Lines –  Rooter Plumbing Services Greeley

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Advanced rooter plumbing & drain services in Greeley CO

Our fast, reliable team of expert plumbers has the expertise and equipment needed to clear out your pipes with the best rooter service.

Our plumbing services will get to the root of the issue — literally, in the case of our pipe-clearing rooters, which can handle the toughest clogs and root growth to get your water flowing freely.

How to Know If You Need Rooter Plumbing Service?

Just as the indoor plumbing system can be impacted by items and debris that form clogs inside the pipes, so the outdoor plumbing system can be impacted by tree roots. This is a common problem in the Greeley area. Here are a few signs that you’ve got a sewer issue that needs professional rooter service.

Sinkhole Forming in Your Yard

If you’ve got a sinkhole forming in your yard, call out an expert ASAP. These watery spots fill with water that does not drain, which erodes the soil and rock. Sinkholes can quickly become much bigger and pose a threat to health and safety (not to mention your landscaping).

Wet Spots in Your Yard

They might be shy of a sinkhole, but if you have spots in your yard that are consistently wet, you should definitely investigate the source of the issue. That goes double if the wet spots don’t always seem tied to regular rain or drainage in the yard.

A Bad Smell Outdoors

Just as a sewer odor means trouble indoors, so it does outdoors as well. If you’re smelling sewage while standing in your yard, that’s a bad sign. If the blockage is causing backups into the house, the odor may also be coming from your drains inside.

Unsure if you need regular drain cleaning plumbing services or a more extensive rooter service? Our team of Plumbers in Greeley CO can handle both. By choosing a plumbing company with specialists in a variety of plumbing repair services, you can rest easy knowing our experts can assess the problem and choose the right approach for your specific property and problem.

Give us a call for any rooter plumbing services and we can come out to investigate the problem and make a recommendation for next steps.

Rooter Service to Bust Through the Toughest Blockages

Regular drain cleaning plumbing services will work well for many causes of sluggish draining or blocked pipes. In some cases, however, that approach won’t be enough to clear the clogs.

If you have tree roots or a larger clog blocking your home’s sewer line or the pipes at your business, professional rooter service is likely the right choice.

How a Rooter Machine Powers Through Clogs

A rooter machine works by feeding a special kind of snake through pipes. The snake is fitted with rotating blades that spin and chop up blockages they encounter. It’s a bit like putting a blender or garbage disposal right in the pipe. The bladed attachment is designed to fit safely in your pipes and clear out drainpipe clogs and sewer line blockages without causing damage to the pipes themselves.

Staying on top of root issues can help you avoid more extensive blockages, wastewater backup, or even costly (and smelly) sewer line collapses that require pipe repair.

Top-of-the-Line Technology to Accurately Diagnose Problems

Rather than going in blind with the rooter and hoping it clears out the problem, our professional plumbers will first feed a camera on a snake through the stubborn sewer line in question. This camera will help them assess the degree of blockage in the pipes, as well as where the clogs or tree roots are located. We can show you the problem firsthand to keep you informed.

(Additionally, if the pipe has collapsed and needs to be replaced, we’ll likely be able to tell you before you spend more time and money on other methods. None of us want this outcome, but if it’s necessary, it’s better to find out early.)

Next, your professional plumber will use the rooter to clear out the blockages. The rooter’s powerful blades chop and blend up clogs, powering through everything in its path so that water or sewage can flow freely again. Because the rooter is on a flexible snake, it can be fed through the line to reach problem spots, rather than requiring the costly (and invasive) process of digging the underground pipes up.

After the rooter service is performed, your plumber will use the camera again to check the line and be sure that everything has been cleared out, with no sections that need additional attention. You’ll be able to see for yourself that the pipes are clear.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing System Service

We offer rooter service for both residential and commercial clients. Our professional plumbers have experience with drain cleaning and sewer lines across a wide range of building types. Whether you’re looking for rooter service at your home, business, office, or managed property, we can help.

The Right Choice for Rooter Service in Greeley, CO

Give us a call at (970) 404-7586 for regular or emergency rooter service in Greeley CO. We’ll get back to you quickly to hear more about the problem, come out and assess the issue, and get things taken care of quickly.

As your local plumbing company, we pride ourselves on quick, responsive service for the homes and businesses in our Greeley community. We’re happy to help keep Greeley’s pipes flowing smoothly for homes and businesses in our area.

Jeremiah - Rooter Service Specialist

Jeremiah - Rooter Service Specialist

Emergency Rooter Plumbing Services in Greeley and Fort Collins CO

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms of clogged drains, you should call us immediately. We make sure our service is prompt and thorough, so you get a “right the first time” solution quickly.

Fast responses are just one of the benefits of finding a local plumber. We know the Greeley CO area intimately and can get to you more quickly than a company that has employees who need to travel.