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FAST Drain Cleaning in Greeley Co

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Why Top Notch Plumbing is the BEST CHOICE for Drain Cleaning and clogged Drain Repair in Greeley and Northern Colorado?

We clean and unclog drains in Greeley and Northern Colorado with the gold standard of industrial equipment.

Water Damage

Water Damage

Have water damage? Our expert plumbing and drain service team is on the job. We make sure your home stays dry and free from any lingering effects of flooding.



Let us keep you one step ahead of costly repairs. With our comprehensive inspections and proud service record, we are the go-to choice for keeping your pipes running smoothly!

Drain Cleaning Offers

Main Line w Camera $250 (savings of $100)

Kitchen Sink $150 (savings of $50)

Jetting w Camera $642 (savings of $110, requires two guys)

Residential and Commercial Services We Offer When you call Top Notch Plumbing, LLC, for any plumbing services in Greeley you get our top-quality service in tackling tough clogs.

We perform all types of residential and commercial plumbing services in Northern Colorado. 

Jeremiah Jimenez

Jeremiah Jimenez

When do you know you need to call a drain cleaning specialist?

Clogged drains are some of the most common plumbing complaints out there. If there’s a buildup or blockage in any of the pipes that direct waste or sewage away from your home, you may end up with a clog. Anything from kid’s toys and feminine products to food waste and tree roots can cause drains and pipes to clog.

Whether you run a restaurant, manage an apartment complex, or just want your house to be protected from costly plumbing issues, make sure
your pipes drain properly.

How To Know If You Have A Clogged Drain

There are a few telltale signs of clogged drains or pipes. If you suspect any of these issues, it’s likely time to give your local plumber a call, before the problem gets any worse. (Wondering if you can DIY it? We’ll address that below, too.) 

1. Slow Sink Drain

Let’s get something straight: you shouldn’t have to wait for any sink in your house to drain. Many people ignore this problem, chalking it up to “old house problems” or “just the way it is.” But this isn’t a normal, everyday quirk of your house. Something’s wrong if you have to stop using your shower or kitchen sink because water isn’t draining from the basin.

Ignore at your own risk.

This slow drain situation happens when there’s something taking up space in your pipes. What usually happens next is your pipes back up because there’s no more room for waste water to pass through. You definitely don’t want to wait for the problem to get that bad! Address it early and save yourself the mess — and the hassle of emergency repair. Plumbing disasters never happen at convenient times, so be sure to catch them early, before you’re dealing with an emergency that needs fixing right away.

2. Bad Smell from Pipes

Most people have a low tolerance for bad odors in their homes. It’s a good thing, because if your drains are emitting noxious fumes, it often means your sewer pipes are backed up, and sewage gasses are entering your home.

Definitely not what any homeowner or renter wants to experience, and we don’t need to go into detail why this is a problem. However, it is worth noting that there are some cases in which smelly drains are not caused by a clogged drain. It could be an issue with your P-trap, for example.

Our plumbers are committed to providing you the best possible service, which means telling you if a less invasive or less expensive solution will work for your problem. Make sure to call someone a licensed master plumber you trust when you have a plumbing issue. A great local plumbing company is looking to be a long-term partner, building trust through excellent service.

In other words? Beware fly-by-night operations that pop up quickly and disappear with no one to hold accountable for shoddy workmanship or over-the-top, unnecessary solutions. If you’ve got stink, give a trusted local Greeley CO professional a call. An expert at a locally owned plumbing business can sort out whether it’s an easily fixed issue… or a noxious health hazard that needs to be addressed immediately.

3. Sewage Backup Into Drains 

Once again, this is NOT normal! If you have sewage-looking water coming through your sinks or shower drains, you definitely need to call your local plumbing company.

If you are at the point of having sewage backup into your drains, this is a serious indication that your pipes are backed up to a high level that requires professional help. Give your local drain cleaning plumbers in Greeley CO a call ASAP.

Drain Cleaning: How It Works

When you call Top Notch Plumbing, LLC, you get our top-quality service in tackling tough clogs. We clean and clear drains with our extensive knowledge of Northern Colorado plumbing and the gold standard of industrial equipment.

In fact, we have a Greeley drain cleaning specialist on-staff, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands for even the trickiest of cases.

The Basics of Clearing Drains

To clear out a drain or pipe, your plumber runs a cable, or “snake,” down your drain. The cable has abrasive blades on it. These blades break up the clog and allow your pipe’s natural flow to take care of the rest. There are different types of snakes and blades, some of which are better suited to certain types of pipes and drains, but the main principle remains the same.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Your Top Notch plumber can go the extra mile and perform a sewer camera inspection to find the exact point at which your pipes are blocked, saving you time and money. These inspections can also help pinpoint whether drain clogs are coming from other obstructions, or if there are issues within the pipes themselves.

Pipe Specifications

We clean pipes from 1 ½ inches to 5 inches using ½ inch, ⅜ inch, and ⅝ inch cables. Our full-scale cleaning services can be performed on a variety of pipe types, including:

  • Clay
  • PVC
  • Cast iron
  • SDR

Because different types of materials and waste can clog a pipe, we use different types of blades to clear pipes depending on the problem. We have all the equipment needed to get the job done. This may involve the use of serrated blades, knife-edged blades, tri-blades, and grease blades.

Not sure if you cover your specific pipe? Here’s a list of specific pipes that we clean:

  • Mainlines
  • Clogged kitchen drains
  • Clogged bathroom drains
  • Laterals
  • Floor drains
  • Tub drains
  • Lavatory drains
  • Residential drains
  • Commercial drains
  • Multi-living building drains
  • Downspout drains
  • Storm drains
  • Sewer drains
  • Clogged outdoor drains
  • Clogged sewer lines

The services our drain cleaning specialist team offers include:

  • Unclogging kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor drains
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Rooter service
  • Mainline cleanouts
  • Branch cleanouts

If you’re still not sure, give us a call. We’d be happy to hear more and talk about the services you need. Because we have a full-time drain cleaning specialist on staff, we’re confident in our ability to handle most pipe and drain jobs.

More Questions?

Still have questions regarding drain cleaning services in Greeley? We’re happy to help. Call today to talk to our friendly staff about your home or building’s issues and what services might be right for you. We’re always happy to touch base about problems and advise you on what a good next step might be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I’m not sure whether I need indoor drain clearing or outdoor sewer line rooter service?

A: It’s not always obvious where the plumbing issue is coming from. Back-ups inside the house can be caused by issues in the kitchen or bathroom drains, in the main lines within the house, or out in the main sewer line. Our expert plumbers will take the time to diagnose the cause of the issue before taking steps to address the problem. We have experience and expertise in clearing all kinds of indoor, exterior, commercial, and residential pipes and lines. Wherever the problem lies, we’re equipped to handle it.

Q: Will tree roots in the sewer line require my yard to be dug up?

A: Often, the rooter used by plumbers to clear out tree roots from sewer lines is sufficient to fix the problem. Catching it early and keeping the lines clear can help you avoid bigger problems, such as pipe breakage, which are more likely to require extensive repair jobs.

Q: Can I Fix Drain Clogs Myself?

If you have a minor clog near the surface of your drain line, there’s a good change you can fix it yourself. You can use an enzyme drain cleaner or a plastic drain snake (available at your local hardware store) as a first step to try and fix a clogged drain.

We recommend starting with the plastic drain snake, then moving to an enzyme drain cleaner if that doesn’t work. Plastic drain snakes can remove many blockages that are near the surface. Enzyme drain cleaners help break down any organic substances left in pipes, such as hair.

(Enzyme cleaners are usually a better choice over more caustic options. Other chemical drain cleaners are often corrosive by nature and can cause more damage to your plumbing. In addition, so-called “liquid drain openers” can have harsh fumes and may endanger your health if splashed or dripped.)

With all that said, if your at-home drain cleaner solutions don’t work, or if you already have sewage backup in your sinks or showers, don’t delay. Call a professional plumber. If the clog doesn’t respond to your initial efforts, you may be wasting time with repeated attempts to clear what is likely to be a more major problem.

Q:What’s the best way to clean clogged drains?

What about outdoor pipes and sewer lines blocked by tree roots, which may need rooter service? Often, the best solution is scheduling an appointment with your local plumber!

Our plumbers at Top Notch Plumbing, LLC are experts in all plumbing problems and high-tech plumbing tools. But they also have the NoCo know-how to give you the best solutions for the unique plumbing problems of Fort Collins to Greeley. We also have a specialist on staff who brings a wealth of expertise to drain issues, rooter services, and more.

Commercial and Residential Drain Cleaning Services in Greeley, Eaton, Johnstown, Fort Collins, & Loveland

It doesn’t take very long for food, hair, and other waste to become stubborn clogs in both residential and commercial plumbing systems. And that’s not to mention tree roots that can wreak havoc on sewer lines.

We’re plumbing experts and have the experience and tools to clear clogs and solve other plumbing problems for any type of facility. We are locally owned and operated, with a commitment to providing prompt service and quality work to Fort Collins, the Greeley CO area, and in nearby regions.