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Evans Plumbing Services

Your local plumbing experts from Vineyard Park to Village Park and everything in between.

When searching for a plumber, you need someone who has experience working in your specific locale. With Top Notch Plumbing, residents of Evans get a combined 60+ years of Northern Colorado plumbing expertise. It’s important to have someone on your side who “gets it”–and we do.

We’re proud to be founded here in Northern Colorado and our certified technicians make sure you receive not only the best plumbing solutions, but also cost-saving prevention. One of our many specialties is recognizing and addressing damage to sewer lines from tree roots. We have the understanding and know-how to provide Evans with complete plumbing service.

Here’s a shortlist of the services we tailor to the needs of Evans, CO.

Plumbing Installations or Repairs

We mentioned sewer line damage earlier because this problem is common in areas like Southern Evans as the South Platte runs through it, but pipes anywhere may be at risk! Having a certified and experienced technician perform your repairs is crucial to the longevity of your entire plumbing system. We’ll help you solve your current problems and work to prevent unnecessary repairs in the future.

Speaking of unnecessary repairs, correct installation is the best way to make sure you avoid them. Our team has decades of experience working on specific appliance installation and whole-house remodels. We can even help you weigh your options based on efficiency and your budget.

Appliance hook-ups

In addition to repairs and installation, we also plumb and set the required hook-ups for a vast array of appliances. We work with home appliances like laundry and dishwashers and are equally comfortable with appliances found in other settings like drinking fountains, ice machines, and commercial cooking ranges.


We service all kinds of faucets, repairing old and installing new ones based on your specific situation. Outdoor faucets, like hose bibs and hydrants, get special attention in Evans–since Northern Colorado gets “special attention” from mother nature. There are many different kinds of outdoor faucets. We know all about faucets and what’s best for your home or outdoor complexes (like Riverside Park) is essential to keeping water–and events–running smoothly.

Why Top Notch Plumbing

We all know local is best, especially when you need someone you can trust. We were voted Greeley’s Best in 2020 and bring the utmost safety, quality, and integrity to every site we visit. With combined 60 years of experience at your service, make us your first–and last–call when you need plumbing services.

Don’t see something you need on this page? Here’s a complete list of our services.

Other areas we serve

Founded and based in Greeley, we pair our plumbing expertise with an in-depth understanding of the specific environmental, societal, and architectural needs of Northern Colorado. Maybe you live farther along the South Platte or as close as possible to Tamales from Heaven. Either way, it would be our pleasure to serve you.

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