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Eaton Plumbing Services

Top Notch Plumbing offers complete plumbing installation, repair, and more for developed projects.

Plumbing Services Eaton

Nestled north of Greeley, Eaton is home to many hard-working folks who have been there for generations. It’s also a growing city, with many new commercial and residential developments. We’re founded and located in Greeley, and as Northern Colorado adapts to changes, our mission remains the same: to lead the plumbing industry with quality, safety, and integrity.

We are experts in all things plumbing and customize our approach to the needs of Eaton, whether you’re in the Eaton Town Square and Eaton High School area or closer to Eaton Commons Park or the Recreation Center. Keep reading to learn about some of the common projects in your area.

Sewer Line Repairs

Especially in springtime, our 60+ years of experience is put to work on Northern Colorado’s pipes and sewer lines as runoff from the mountains loads up the Poudre River. When your sewer gets backed up, you may notice pooling or backup in your shower or other drains (just one of the signs of sewer damage).

Whether you need repair or a new system, we can address even the most subtle hints that something might be wrong with your plumbing. This, combined with our familiarity of Eaton itself, allows us to reduce preventable damage and save you time and money long-term.

Burst Pipe Repairs

When winter rolls around, knowing how to appropriately prepare faucets–especially outdoor ones which won’t be used for a while–is essential to preventing larger-scale problems. We not only repair burst pipes, we can help you prevent pipes from bursting. We put our know-how and 60+ years of experience to work for you by providing the best in equipment, service, and advice.

Tree Root Damage

Roots are a good example of (typically) preventable problems, as they’re less drawn to pipes that are healthy and secure. A leaky pipe, though, is another story. Especially in summer, pipe damage or poor installation can cause a tree to take hold of plumbing and cause serious damage.

It’s worth noting that pipe freezing in winter can cause damage unseen until summer.

If you notice any rusting pipelines, an increase in pests/insects, or debris in your garbage disposal or toilet, call us. We’ll be happy to do an inspection and help keep you from significant damage. If the damage is already done, we have the know-how and experience to repair it correctly.

New Construction and Renovation

Installation and design projects require a lot of planning. Our team can help at every stage of the process. If you bring us on board from the beginning, we have years of experience handling plumbing design. We do all the groundwork (including core drilling), top out, and finishes. This can range from domestic water and roof drains to gas lines and fixtures.

When you work with Top Notch Plumbing, you can rest assured our plumbers will make the process as seamless as possible. We have experience in all types of projects including new construction, remodels, commercial, and industrial. There is a whole world behind walls and underneath floors. We work to make sure all of the systems function as they should.

Give us a call early in the process so we can get you a quote and lend our experience to the plan.

Learn more about how we serve new construction projects in Eaton.

Why Top Notch Plumbing 

We all know local is best, especially when you need someone you can trust. We were voted Greeley’s Best in 2020 and bring the utmost safety, quality, and integrity to every site we visit. With combined 60 years of experience at your service, make us your first–and last–call when you need plumbing services in Eaton.

Not convinced? Hear what our customers have to say for your Plumbing Services in Eaton..

Eaton Plumbing Reviews

“Called them for a leaking garbage disposal, they were able to get out the next day. When it turned out the garbage disposal just hadn’t been installed properly and was loose, they cleared it up and didn’t even bill me (it only took 5 minutes so I was glad to hear that). Miguel was great, professional and friendly!” – Nova D

.These guys are the best! They helped fix a substantial leak in my yard yesterday and now I know exactly who I’m going to call anytime I have a plumbing issue!” – White F.

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