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Gas Boiler Repair Maintenance and Installation Service

We are proud to meet your heating needs, whether it’s a minor repair or boiler installation.

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Our plumbers in Greeley, at Top Notch Plumbing, provides you with the finest boiler repair and service professionals who can efficiently evaluate your equipment and give smart advice that will benefit your household or business. Moreover, our energy-efficient boilers guarantee cost savings in terms of utility bills over time.

Why Is Boiler Service Important?

Boiler service is important to keep your boiler running smoothly and efficiently. Suppose a fault or issue is detected during maintenance. In that case, it can be repaired before it develops into something much worse that could require expensive repairs or potentially even a brand-new boiler.

Regularly having your boiler serviced means that you can maintain good care of it so that it remains working for many years.

Call us for all your residential boiler or gas boiler repair and service in Greeley CO.

Signs You Need Boiler Maintenance

Your Boiler is Making Strange Noises

If you hear any out-of-the-ordinary noises coming from your boiler, such as a banging sound, whistling noise, or hissing, it could indicate that something is wrong. To make sure that it continues working properly, reach out to a qualified professional and fix the trapped air or blockage.

You’re Not Getting Enough Hot Water or Heating

A common issue of blocked boilers is not getting hot water, which you’ll quickly notice when you shower. The same goes for a cold heater.

Both issues could be caused by broken boiler parts, like a valve, the thermostat, or even the diaphragm.

Your Energy Bills are Higher than Usual

Unusually high energy bills could be a signal that your boiler is no longer running as efficiently as it should. And that’s mostly the case on older boilers. Strange noises or the absence of hot water are often related to this difficulty, so make sure to call a specialist when you notice a sudden spike in your energy bill.

Water Around your Boiler

This could be a sign of a serious problem, such as a leak in the unit itself. In some cases, this issue can also lead to mold growth, potentially posing health risks. If you see water pooling around your boiler, it’s definitely time to call a professional.

Your boiler is more than 15 years old

Even if your boiler seems to be working fine, it’s important to keep in mind that boilers typically only last for about 15 years before they need to be replaced. So if your boiler is getting up in age, it’s probably time for a repair service or a maintenance check.

The Boiler Shuts Down by Itself

When your boiler shuts down by itself, it is a warning sign that it might require repair. Shutting down randomly can be caused by a lack of maintenance or safety switch issues and needs to be addressed as soon as possible before further problems arise.

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Is It Worth Repairing a Boiler?

Absolutely, and in many cases, repairing your boiler can save hundreds of dollars and is often an easy fix that only takes a few hours. By having a professional, experienced technician assess the problem, you can quickly get your heating system back up and running at a minimal cost.

Plus, if your boiler is less than ten years old and has served you reasonably well, then repair is the best solution. Getting your existing boiler fixed rather than replacing it could be an incredibly cost-efficient choice in the long run.

What is a Boiler’s Lifespan?

Boilers typically last about 10 to 15 years, depending on their regular maintenance routine. Factors such as the quality of installation, environmental conditions, and frequency of use directly impact the boiler’s lifespan. So, if proper care and preventive maintenance are observed, a boiler can continue operating safely for more than 15 years.

Regular inspection by a professional technician is key to maintaining your boiler and extending its lifespan; it’s highly recommended that you have preventative maintenance done annually for the best results.

How Much Do Boiler Repairs Cost?

Whether it is sediment cleaning and flushing or more extensive parts replacements and repairs, boiler repair services typically range from $100 to $700, allowing you to get the work done without breaking the bank. Reach out to Top Notch Plumbing today and have a technician do a professional boiler maintenance check and get you the best possible quote.

What Does a Boiler Service Include?

A boiler service will include a safety check and the inspection of major components. A technician will check the system’s various parts and look for signs of wear and tear. This includes looking at sensors, valves, pumps, fans, electrodes, and possibly trapped air.

The technician may also inspect the inside of flues and pipes to make sure that everything is clean and in good working order. They can perform dilutions or boiler refilling to ensure optimal system performance.

After all these checks are completed, a full report is provided for you outlining any repair works needed or general maintenance advice.

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  • Relocation and Removal
  • Radiator Installation

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Boiler Repair or Installation

Signs You Need Boiler Replacement

1. Older Boiler

If your boiler is more than 15 years old and doesn’t function properly, you should consider replacing it. Older boilers can be extremely inefficient, costing you money and energy.

Poor boiler maintenance of an older boiler will also affect its efficiency, increasing energy bills. If your ongoing heating costs are high or the boiler requires frequent service calls, then it’s time to replace your old boiler with a newer system before it breaks down for good.

2. It Constantly Breaks Down

A damaged or broken boiler is often not as efficient and consumes more energy than a functioning one. You may find yourself dealing with costly repairs to keep your boiler up and running.

However, in some situations, it might be cheaper to replace the appliance rather than continuously having to repair it. If the excess repair costs start adding up, take it as a sign that you should put that money toward getting a new boiler instead.

3. The Flame is Yellow

The color of the flame in your boiler is an indicator of the condition and level of efficiency. A healthy, working boiler should have a blue-colored flame that burns steadily. But in case your boiler’s flame is yellow or orange, it might mean that something is wrong with it.

This could be connected to several boiler problems, such as incorrect fuel-to-air ratios, carbon buildup in the chamber or insufficient oxygen – all of which can cause significant efficiency problems in your boiler.

While there may be underlying or not serious issues, the safest bet is to replace your boiler system with a new model.

4. You Can Smell Gas

One of the major signs that you need to replace your boiler is if you can smell gas. Gas leaks are very dangerous, as natural gas can be very flammable and combustible when exposed to certain sources of heat.

If you suspect a gas leak, it is important to evacuate the premises immediately and contact a certified inspector or heating specialist. Depending on how severe the leak is, they may recommend replacing your boiler entirely for safety reasons to prevent any potential gas-fueled fires.

5. Takes Too Long to Heat Up

A boiler functioning properly should be able to produce hot water quickly. So if it’s taking ages for your radiators and taps to get warm, you might need to replace your current boiler.

Naturally, you could have a technician check your boiler heating systems, but the most likely outcome will be a boiler replacement instead of frequent repairs.

If you’re unsure of what kind of boiler would work best in your home, give us a call – our local team can help you get the best system for your property and have a new boiler installed in no time.

How Much Do Boiler Replacement Services Cost?

On average, a gas boiler installation costs around $5,000 to 6,000, making it an expensive but worthwhile investment in the long term.

In fact, you should consider the higher electric bills and potentially maintenance services in the long run, which could cost you much more than getting a new unit.

Boiler Maintenance Service – FAQ

What Are the Advantages of Boiler System Maintenance?

Getting regular boiler services is key to keeping your home safe and consuming less energy costs. It can prevent costly repairs, ensure peak performance and energy efficiency, and help improve air quality.

Residential heating boilers require regular check-ups that range from replacing the filter to inspecting safety controls.

These inspections will help catch any minor problems before they become major issues. If caught in time, these problems can be solved with minimal expense as opposed to waiting too long and facing costly repairs or complete replacement.

How Often Should You Have a Boiler Tune-up?

It is recommended to have a boiler maintained yearly to ensure it is running efficiently and safely. During a maintenance check-up, the technician will clean and inspect vital components of your boiler as well as check for any potential blockages or faults.

Additionally, they may recommend replacing older, more unreliable parts with more efficient and shorter-lasting alternatives. Taking some preventative measures to maintain your boiler often may save you time and money in the long run.

When Should You Call a Boiler Plumber in Greeley?

You should call a boiler technician when you notice your boiler is not working as it should or if you smell gas coming out of it. Signs that indicate a repair or maintenance might be needed are inconsistent heating or water temperature, unusual noises coming from steam boilers, leaking pipes, or signs of water around the unit.

It is important to call a team of boiler experts when any of these issues occur to ensure the furnace operates correctly and efficiently.