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Whole-House Water Filtration in Greeley and Northern Colorado

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Safety for the entire family, everywhere.

Whole-house water filtration is also known as “point of entry filtration” because the water pulled into your house is filtered before it enters your pipes–contrary to “point of use,” like an under-the-sink filter. Installation of a whole-house water filter is pretty tricky, unless you’re a licensed plumber from Top Notch Plumbing!

Do I need whole-house water filtration?

The answer is different for each household. While filtering water before it enters your house’s plumbing gives you maximum security from contaminants, some people may opt for the convenience of a kitchen sink filter. If you know that your city water is significantly free of contaminants a point of use filter may save you money on the front end.

If you’re a typical person who has no idea about the quality of their city or well water, you might want to consider getting a unit for your entire house. The benefit of whole-house filtration is twofold:

  1. For starters, your home’s plumbing is given an extra layer of defense against damaging buildup and mineral deposits.
  2. More importantly, the water from every faucet, tap, and head in your house is filtered, clean, and safe.

Why stop at the water you drink? Our bodies also interact with water through our skin by way of showers, laundry units, and dishwashers.


VOC is the acronym for Volatile Organic Compound. Many VOCs are chemicals from processed or industrial materials like paint, cosmetics, dry-cleaned clothes, and fuel. The EPA lists VOCs from sources like these and others as being common groundwater contaminants. They also describe numerous and varied health effects of VOCs.

How does this relate to plumbing and water filtration?

VOCs can be removed from your home’s plumbing system if, depending on where you live, they’re in the water. More than simply carried by the water you wash your hands in, VOCs can also be aerosolized and emitted into the air from high-pressure systems like showers.

Speaking of it, where you live does matter. Thankfully, our service area is expansive and our knowledge of each town is extensive!

Can I install a filtration unit on my own?

Maybe, but having a professional do it is the best way to protect your home and family from short and long-term accidents. The process involves cutting and sealing pipes, placing valves, soldering fittings, and–possibly–a bit of electrical engineering.

Our plumbers at Top Notch Plumbing are experts at installing whole-house filtration systems. Because we have a combined 60 years of experience in a wide variety of plumbing services, we approach plumbing holistically. This allows us to consider and prevent consequences of poor installation at miniscule and big-picture levels.

Don’t you want safe and pressure and temperature-constant water for your morning shower? Wherever you are in Northern Colorado, we can help.

Call us at (970) 404-7586 or schedule an appointment for a water filter installation service in Greeley and Northern Colorado.