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Leak Detection Service in Greeley, Colorado

Our plumbers at Top Notch Plumbing specialize in water leak detection and repair in the Greeley, CO area. We have years of experience responding to weather-related pipe issues and damage, including water cleanup and restoration, and providing repair services to our customers across the Front Range. By calling us, you’re choosing a stress-free solution, and safeguarding your home from any further incidental damage.

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Leak Detection Technology

Burst pipes are especially common in Northern Colorado, where temperatures drop below freezing in the winter months. Our Greeley plumbing team wields the latest water leak detection equipment for the job. Our tools accurately pinpoint the source of the leak, saving you time, money, and unnecessary damage to your property. That’s the benefit of calling a licensed plumber – before restoring to any demolition, we’ll leverage technology to fix your plumbing problems before they escalate.

How does leak detection technology work?

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging: Our technicians use thermal cameras to detect hidden leaks without destroying walls. There are all types of moisture in the home, from moist bathrooms to kitchen condensation to washing machine plumbing problems. Thermal imaging picks up the slight temperature difference between dry and wet drywall, identifying plumbing leaks by revealing the topmost damp spot.
  • Video Pipe Inspection: A high-resolution camera is sent into your pipe network, enabling us to visually inspect the state of your plumbing system from the inside. This helps us to identify leaks or potential problem areas before digging.
  • Acoustic Leak Detection: An alternative way to find hidden water leaks is with sound technology. Our experienced technicians listen for the distinct noise produced by water escaping. This method is highly efficient, especially for locating concealed leaks in walls or underground.

What are the signs of a water leak in my walls?

While finding a leaking pipe can be tricky, water has a way of making its presence known. The signs of a leak in your home can range from subtle to obvious, but regardless of the severity, they should be addressed right away to prevent further issues.

1. Unexpectedly high water bills

A small leak can waste up to 20 gallons per day. Not only is this extremely wasteful, but your wallet will take a hit, too. A significant increase in your bills without any notable change in your usage habits is a possible sign of a hidden leak.

2. Musty smell

If your house smells moldy or musty even after cleaning, it might be due to a leaking water pipe. Water leaks lead to mold and mildew growth behind the walls that can cause these smells.

3. Sound of trickling water

If you hear the sound of trickling or running water when all appliances and fixtures are off, you should call a service technician. If you can hear it, there’s a heavy enough flow to cause significant damage – quickly.

4. Changes in wall or flooring

Wet spots, staining, or discoloration on your walls, ceilings, or floors can suggest water leaking. Bulging or bowing walls might be caused by water soaking into the wallboards – a sign that it’s time for emergency repairs.

5. Puddles of Water Around the Base of the Pipe

Water can cause extensive damage if your pipe begins to leak and is left unnoticed. Seeing puddles of water forming around the base of a pipe is one of the most obvious leak detection signs.

In addition to creating an unpleasant and unsightly mess, leaks can cause water damage and lead to additional problems, such as underground plumbing issues and mold growth. A professional plumber in Northern Colorado should be consulted to identify leaks, investigate the source of any issues, and provide great customer service during the entire process.

Signs You Have an Underground Water Leak

While some leaks are immediately obvious, others can stay hidden for weeks or even months. Underground water leaks can be caused by old pipes, friction, sewer line blockages, water damage, or a number of unpredictable factors.

  • Wet or Soggy Spots: Are parts of your lawn or around your property forming consistent puddles, even with no rain? Is your yard suddenly muddier than usual?
  • Reduced Water Pressure: A leaking pipe diverts some of the water flow, leading to a noticeable decrease in pressure in the building or home above.
  • Persistent Wet Basement: As water leaks from your pipes, it has to go somewhere. Often, it ends up in your basement or crawl space.
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Keep in mind that signs can vary based on the size of the leak and the type of plumbing in your home. What’s important is that you remain vigilant about these potential signals and contact a professional immediately if you suspect a leak.

When to Seek Professional Plumbing Services

You may have tried to seal a leaky pipe with plumbing tape, epoxy, or clamps. But if the problem persists, it might be time to call in the experts at Top Notch Plumbing.

  • Multiple Leaks: If you have multiple leaks in your plumbing system, it may indicate a larger issue with the pipes that require professional inspection and repair.
  • Old or Corroded Pipes: If your pipes are old, corroded, or made of problematic materials, such as galvanized steel or polybutylene, they could be wearing away – not just in one spot. These materials can pose significant long-term problems.
  • Persistent Mold: If certain areas of your home are constantly damp, mold will thrive. While you can try to remove the mold on your own, it will keep coming back if the underlying issue isn’t addressed.
  • Legal and Safety Concerns: Some jurisdictions have regulations and building codes that require licensed professionals to perform certain plumbing repairs. It’s not only about compliance but about safety.

Remember that while DIY leaking pipe repairs may provide temporary relief, professional plumbers are trained to assess and address plumbing issues comprehensively, ensuring long-term solutions and compliance with local codes and regulations.

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Leak Detection Service in Greeley, Colorado
Leak Detection Service in Greeley, Colorado
Shawn Dahl
Shawn Dahl
Scotty did a great job - very proficient and helpful!
vanessa bryan
vanessa bryan
Was having issues with pressure in kitchen sink so gave these guys a call. Had to leave message but Erin called back very promptly, was friendly & got me on th schedule first thing Monday morning. Scotty showed up in the time frame I was given and was very friendly. Overall the customer service was fantastic, I would definitely call again.
Tori Cochran
Tori Cochran
Very professional! I appreciate letting me know the cost before starting the work. Jeremiah was very nice and explained it very well to me when I know nothing lol. So I appreciate you guys!!
Kathy Black
Kathy Black
I had a spring line broken and causing flooding. Jeremiah assessed the situation. The spring house and line had to be cleaned, and part of the line had to be replaced. Both were accomplished efficiently and professionally. Jeremiah took the time to ensure the fix would be sufficient for the amount of water coming into the spring. I appreciate him going the extra mile. Very happy with the completed work. Thanks so much, Highly recommend this company.
Brian Banister
Brian Banister
I have Jake and his crew working on my project and they are extremely good to work with. Courteous, fast, knowledgeable and do an overall great job. I highly recommend Top Notch Plumbing
Carole Merriman
Carole Merriman
From the recptionist who answered the phone to the plumber who came to the house, they were positive, upbeat and informative. A quick response to a clogged toilet was greatly appreciated. Then add the quick fix, willingness to explain what was causing the issues and ways to avoid them in the future and our opinion of the company only improved. Thank you very much.
Eugene Rodriguez
Eugene Rodriguez
Scotty did a great job give him a raise.✌️
Tiffany C
Tiffany C
Miguel did an awesome job! He was very knowledgeable and professional. The whole experience was great! I feel so good knowing I can call trustworthy plumbers with reasonable prices. Edit: I called on Top Notch plumbing again yesterday (10/2/23) because I was afraid my garbage disposal was broken and wanted a quote for a new faucet and sprayer. They responded in less than 24 hours! Scotty showed up this morning on time, and was very courteous and respectful! He was able to quickly diagnose and fix the disposal, and replaced my faucet and sprayer in under an hour! You just cannot get better service and fair prices! I honestly cannot say enough good things about them! It is such a great feeling knowing you have a company you can count on when things go wrong! Edit #2 11/8/23 I called Top Notch again because this time my garbage disposal really was broken. Scotty came out again and was very respectful, on time, and prepared. He had a new unit with him and was able to instal it so quickly and efficiently. The entire visit was less than 30 min. Again, I cannot say enough about this company. It means so much to have a reliable plumber!!!
Taylor Dodson
Taylor Dodson
I'm a Superintendent and just finished up a job with Top Notch Plumbing. My experience was none other than Top Notch! This company has the knowledge in the office, and the passion and pride in the field! Derrick and his crew will not cut corners just to get the job done, they go the extra mile to ensure that job is done neat and correct! I strongly recommend Top Notch Plumbing for any plumbing needs!
katielynne ysebaert
katielynne ysebaert
I had a small water leak coming from my washing machine going into my garage. The technician was able to find the problem and fix it for me right away. He was very kind and knowledgeable. It definitely puts my mind at ease having a good plumber I can call!

Leak Detection Near Me

You want a plumber that puts as much effort into protecting your home as they would their own. Not all plumbing services are equipped with the expertise, technology, and industry experience to tackle the complex task of leak detection. With Top Notch Plumbing, you get:

  • A team of knowledgeable technicians armed with the best in water leak detection technology.
  • Non-invasive methods to ensure minimal property disruption.
  • Fast, reliable, and professional detection to prevent future costly repairs.
  • A locally trusted service with an impeccable reputation in Northern Colorado.

We offer several types of premier plumbing services to our Greeley community and surrounding areas. Our specialties include:

We don’t just find and fix leaks – we provide peace of mind. Let us put our top-notch services to work for you. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs.